• Andrew Shiffer

    Working with Manik has been a fantastic experience. He knew exactly what type of design I was looking for, and even made a few great suggestions that we never thought of. The work was always completed on time, and I was given weekly updates to inform me on the progress. This is the first time I have ever hired a web developer, and considering the scope of the project, I was a little reserved. However, after our first meeting, I was relieved that he not only had a game plan figured out, but also seemed genuinely excited about getting started. His combination of skill, experience, and great customer service is truly astonishing, which is why I advise anyone who is thinking of hiring a web developer to seriously consider Boston Web Developer, whom I will be using for all future services and needs.

  • Eric Gould
    Contributing Writer and Website Manager

    TV Worth Watching was working on two separate software's to administrate and edit content for the website. It was slow, required many work-around's, and was virtually impossible to easily get new editors onto the system. Boston Web Developer gave us one, custom designed Content Management System for three editors in remote locations administrating 20 different writers, uploading content, sound files, video embeds, steering content to multiple pages, and changing ad links...most all of it within an hour or less. We are free to add and change pages on the site easily and perform a lot of other functions that would have required us weeks to accomplish with the old system. We now have a back-end system in place that will grow with us, and it has given us a credible, professional look that far exceeds what we had before. Many, many thanks to Boston Web Developer!

  • Brian Belmore

    Manik has the ability to take your ideas and make them a reality, his knowledge and experience is priceless when it came to design and site functionality. We asked for a self manageable site and that is exactly what we got. His professionalism shows in the product end result. Thanks again Manik and I’ll be talking to you soon!

  • Gregory Ciottone, MD
    Director, Disaster Preparedness Program, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

    Outstanding service, very reliable, and great web designs!! Simply a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for any web-related job you have.


  • Kristen Holland

    Very Creative and Responsive. Manik was recommended to me by a colleague to revamp our web site. Our original web site was seven years old and in desperate need of a face lift so I relied on Manik for his creativity in making the site come to life and be more user-friendly for our clients and prospects. His web development experience and ability to see the project through really made our site distinctive and successful. I would highly recommend Manik.

  • Ernesto DiGiambattista
    Pursue Career

    Manik maintans the technical skills to deliver solutions that are achievable. Further, Manik provides 110% to all the projects that we have work on together! I give Manik a strong recommendation to anyone who is looking for a SQL/.net developer!

  • Christopher Farm

    Manik was easy to work with and always followed through with his work. He is very dependable and I will continue to work with him in the future.

  • Peter Disch

    I hired Manik to design my website and he absolutely under-promised and over-delivered. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so. I really enjoyed working with Manik and the finished product speaks for itself. A great provider of service in a world where that is almost impossible to come by.

  • Dr. Bill Brady

    I hired Manik to do a very complicated web development project. He integrated payment and secure video for a subscription website. The end result was exactly what I wanted. It is clear Manik takes pride in his work and communicates the process very well. I recommend him for any web development job.

  • Robert Newsteder

    I found Manik (Boston Web Developer) on the Internet. My search for a new web developer was the result of my long and frustrating experiences with other web developers. Actually, he was my last great hope. Over the course of more than ten years, I have had nothing but bad experiences with developers, all of whom claimed to be “the greatest”. Of course they never were, until now. Manik is “the greatest”. I can honestly tell you that were it not for him, I would have walked away from my latest venture http://www.asignisaw.com/ As soon as it is humanly possible, I will turn over all my web development needs to him. There is one distinguishing quality that Manik has that that is unique in a world filled with “experts” who overstep their bounds. Manik had to discover some functions that I wanted on my site that he was not totally familiar with. He advised my that he would have to look further into what I wanted. Now this is most important. He did not charge me to learn something new, only the … (Boston Web Developer) on the Internet. My search for a new web developer was the result of my long and frustrating experiences with other web developers. Actually, he was my last great hope.

  • Wendell Orphe

    I hired Manik a year ago to build a website for my company. The first day we met I was able to communicate my idea with him in which he understood exactly what I wanted. He offered his advice and expertise to build my idea to a very fuctional and full content website. From begining to end, communication and building the website sustained at a consitent basis, he also continues to check up on his work and make sure you are fully satisfied! I highly recommend him.?

  • Dr. Karim Zahedi

    My company hired Manik to develop and launch a dynamic web site for the introduction of a new line of high technology air purification system. Although our product and technology is somewhat complicated, he created a very comprehensive website for us that we have received overwhelming positive response. He was very professional and provided us with an excellent product, and responded to all of our comments and request. It was our pleasure to work with him and we highly recommend him.

  • Ben Stewart Kruger

    I hired Manik to complete a prototype of a website for my start up business. From the get go, he was extremely willing to cater to my every need. I came to him with a solid idea and concept, but absolutely no technical expertise. My initial concern with hiring a designer/developer had been that my inexperience would lead to miscommunication and an end product that left me unsatisfied. This just wasn’t the case with Manik. He’s very professional, very capable, and very approachable. He kept me in the loop at every step of the process, continually reaching out to me for feedback. The job is done when the customer is happy. I plan on hiring Manik again for the next phase of my project and am confident that the quality of his work will remain consistent.